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On today’s episode we discuss shoes, kicks, heels, pumps. Does your shoe game really affect who you attract? How much are females really turned on or off by what you’re wearing on your feet? Or in general. Does the same apply for men? Why?


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I am your host, DAME and you are listening to the Introvert Love Podcast brought to you by 9th Wave Entertainment. This is Episode # 17: Sneaker Head


Yes, you heard correctly. This may or may not be you, but, yes it’s true. Can what you are wearing on your feet make or break the deal when you are out on the scene. Now I am not a sneaker head. I used to be more materialistic I guess you could say or worried about keeping up with society and the weird expectations and culture desires of western civilization. Do clothes make the man or woman or does the man or woman make the clothes? But, if you are like me and don’t care as much about what brands you are wearing just know this. 

Unfortunately, in today's western culture there are some out here where they look you up and down. And based on what you have on, It’s a deal breaker for them. Sad, yes, but, true. So sorry if you’re trying to rock your W & M (Wall & Mart like me) just know that you may have been limited in your game on picking up the opposite sex or getting that date just based off swag. Even though the richest people dress plain and regular right? Crazy? 

Don’t believe me? Don’t believe this may have happened to you? Humor yourself then? Go ask around? Go out and try and get a date or see the responses you get when you are out wearing Jordan’s, Nike’s, etc versus wearing Walmart sneakers or clothes. Now don’t get me wrong. Some people have swag and can make anything seem to work for them. Thrift shop clothes and all.

But the attraction of smells, clothes and all of these things to attract the opposite sex does stem from some truths and reality’s or does it go back to the programming and TV. Do you think that’s what you need? Like? Or are attracted to? Is it really important at the end of the day compared to everything else you may need, want or are looking for. 

So can you date someone that dresses badly? Can you date someone with ugly shoes? Again though

My job is to get you to think. Not to persuade you or make you think like me. But, just to question what is around you. Why are things the way they are? Why do people think the way they do about certain things? And challenge them.

“Honesty Is A Very Expensive Gift. Don’t Expect It From Cheap People.”

If you are looking to get something off of your chest or want to present a question to maybe get some insightful answers or if you just have a good story you want to tell. We would love to have you on the show! 

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