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On today’s episode we discuss twerking. Should females learn to twerk? Will doing a little dancing every now and then help keep your partner satisfied? Does it add spice? Will it help keep them from looking for it or at it somewhere else like Instagram or the strip club?

I gotta clip if you follow and subscribe to the 9th Wave Entertainment Channel on YouTube of this young lady Nasty Nas twerking that don’t know who I’m talking about. And don’t get me wrong she does kill it. Very skilled at it but let’s talk about it

Nasty Nas vs Official Mstwerksum

Twerking is now popular. At like an all time high. Is it just me or does it seem like I can’t look or go anywhere without seeing somebody twerking or shaking their butt. Right? I can’t be alone? It’s funny though. What used to be frowned upon  and deemed as that thing to stay away from is now what everyone's trying to do. 

Just like everything else it’s cool now.

Not ratchet or ghetto anymore depending on who's doing it. Is this another Culture vulture thing being mainstreamed. Adopted from Caribbean culture to black Americans. Now white girls are monetizing off of something more than the people that started it. What else is new. The Nasty Nas and Lexy Pantera’s are getting more chances and opportunities to capitalize. Who else can do it better? The girls that started it maybe.

The old Albert Einstein effect. Take something and popularize and now it’s a talent. Now it’s something good. Just like with the marijuana industry. There’s a 12 year old white kid making 6 figures dancing to violent rap music lyrics and content known as “official Seth” on Instagram. A life he would never want to be around in real life and is making more money and getting more opportunities than people in the culture. No hate. Just my observations. But you know today. If you not making no money and go against popular opinion it’s hating.

But with that being said. Should girls learn to twerk like nasty nass. Would it keep your man at home more happy? When should you do a little twerk? Be on your Keke Palmer and do a little flirt and twerk. She’s another one that be all over the place wanting to be unapologetically free twerking all over the place attracting that Ayesha Curry attention and then when the wrong attention comes be mad.

But in the privacy of your home sneaking a lil twerk here and there or touching up on me. Yes, please just like you may want your booty rubbed on or spanked. Cuz these days. Better from you than seeing it somewhere else and fantasizing right? It's been everywhere in the videos and stuff for a while now right and with Twitter, Instagram, and challenges I don’t think it’s that easily avoidable. When even your 60, 70 your olds know who Cardi B or Nikki Minaj or Arianna Grande n Miley Cyrus and see them twerking at performances along with the rest of the TV-14 friendly audience.

So can you date someone that can't twerk? Can you date someone that can twerk? And maybe twerks a little too damn good. Bringing all that attention and have you sweating bullets. And you already know!


My job is to get you to think. Not to persuade you or make you think like me. But, just to question what is around you. Why are things the way they are? Why do people think the way they do about certain things? And challenge them.

“Honesty Is A Very Expensive Gift. Don’t Expect It From Cheap People.”

If you are looking to get something off of your chest or want to present a question to maybe get some insightful answers or if you just have a good story you want to tell. We would love to have you on the show! 

If you have any suggestions, comments or topics that you would like to have on the show. Send them to my Twitter @IntrovertDame. Also, Follow me on Instagram @IntrovertDame and Facebook @IntrovertDame.



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