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Foreplay! Two Can Play That Game! What do you need to get down? Is Your Partner On The Same Page or Lost In The Sauce?

Well you can’t put it in dry. So what do you do? Is your partner pleasing you in the bedroom. Do you even know if you’re being pleased or lied to? Have they found that spot? Are you open to your partner about your sexual pleasures or lack of in the bedroom?

Off gate I’m a nasty mother fucker to an exstent. I’m not 50 shades of Gray in the bedroom but i will give you 34 flavors like Baskin and Robbins in that mother fucker. Except!! I’m not letting no girl do no nasty freaky stuff with me AND AND… I am a double standards kind of guy. Like when it comes to threesomes and stuff see me, myself personally I feel like it’s a gang bang if it’s two guys and one girl and I’m not cool with being around another guy like that doing all that. Never needed to be. Always had my own girl or thing going on and anybody of my sex was going to be left out of it. And I’m sure most guys feel this way but, then again there are many guys out there and ladies too… yeah ladies too. With no standards. So, yeah. This could just be me.

So, I’m like normal people nasty. Tongue in the butt every now and then kind of nasty. Not in mine tho! Again ain’t that nasty and my girls don’t want to do that either. I have way too many bowel movements for that anyway dawg..Eww. I know okay I’m done. Don’t Leave. But, anyway…

So yeah. What’s happening in the bedroom. Are they pleasing you? Are you making your partner let’s say for example go from not liking oral sex to liking oral sex? Does your partner even know what they’re doing down there? Do you not know how to tell them or are scared to?

Well here’s my advice. Communicate. Intreact. You might say I don’t want to offend or come across blah blah. This is for both sexes by the way to communicate. The foundation and success to anything in life. Are you going to let someone by you flowers even though you don’t like flowers, even as a nice gesture… WHEN if you told them and they knew that you didn’t like flowers like that and they could’ve been getting you something else? Don’t be one of those! You can’t change what you don’t know! So, same apples to the bedroom. Everybody’s different and has different pleasures, spots, positions and fetishes. And so the best way to make sure that your maximizing your pleasure with your partner is to have some friendly intimate dialogue during intercourse (like “ooo right there”, or the classic “don’t stop”, faster, slower, etc.) Do expect this every session. No. But, every session shouldn’t have to be a serious one. Hopefully, you all have time to have sessions where you can experiment  and learn each other more. Also by now I would hope that you all are comfortable enough with each other to where you can be open about things, each other’s bodies, know how to make each other climax, etc.

But, let’s hold up for a minute and back track. Yes, some may have picked up on me saying from not liking oral sex to liking it. There are many people that say they don’t like performing oral and many that do. But, can you convert someone from not liking it into liking it? And the answer is yes. It may not happen right away or the first couple of times. But, in my experience if you build trust with your partner, make them feel comfortable in every way of there sexiness and are really in love with you things can change. Whether they like giving, but not receiving or vice versa. It can change. So if this is you right now and maybe you’re feeling frustrated because you like the person but, you want more or all of them. Then, just hang on cuz there’s hope. Disclaimer: It also helps if your not trash at giving if your partner is one of the one’s that doesn’t like receiving.

And for the ones asking how do you get better at it. IDK for you but, the typical videos and trial and error always seems to work to me. So, try that of course. Maybe watch them together if y'all are comfortable with each other. Are you embarrassed to show what you might watch or like? If you’re into that when alone. If so, how will keeping that to yourself help your situation?

My job is to get you to think. Not to persuade you or make you think like me. But, just to question what is around you. Why are things the way they are? Why do people think the way they do about certain things?

If you are looking to get something off of your chest or want to present a question to maybe get some insightful answers or if you just have a good story you want to tell. We would love to have you on the show!

If you have any suggestions, comments or topics that you would like to have on the show. Send them to my Twitter @IntrovertDame. Also, Follow me on Instagram @IntrovertDame and Facebook @IntrovertDame.




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