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On today’s episode we discuss the first date. Is the movies a good first date? With blockbuster summer movies coming out, like the Lion King, Should your first date with someone that you just met be a trip to the movies?

My job is to get you to think. Not to persuade you or make you think like me. But, just to question what is around you. Why are things the way they are? Why do people think the way they do about certain things? And challenge them.

“Honesty Is A Very Expensive Gift. Don’t Expect It From Cheap People.”

If you are looking to get something off of your chest or want to present a question to maybe get some insightful answers or if you just have a good story you want to tell. We would love to have you on the show! 

If you have any suggestions, comments or topics that you would like to have on the show. Send them to my Twitter @IntrovertDame. Also, Follow me on Instagram @IntrovertDame and Facebook @IntrovertDame.



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