Jamaican's Made Me Press Release

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Jamaican's Made Me Press Release



Introvert Dame has announced that he will be putting out his biggest album set to be released this month.

The Atlanta born artist, Introvert Dame has become a consistent independent artist and the album is said to be a turning stone and introduction into the music industry.

The album "Jamaican's Made Me" will be released this month April 20th, 2020 and will contain 9 tracks including the leading single "IG Live" featuring other Instagram and YouTube creatives in the music video.

"Jamaican's Made Me" says Introvert Dame "Will be a tribute to and for anyone or anybody that identifies with their Jamaican heritage background and roots and are proud to represent it". Look for the album to be available on all digital streaming platforms and merchandise as well.

Introvert Dame is an independent artist, rapper, singer, song writer, and producer committed to releasing and sharing music that resonates with fans while not compromising his unique style, delivery, and sound. Our videos display creativeness in graphic design, showcase artists talents, exploring genres that include Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop, EDM, & More.

Track Listing:

  1. IG Live
  2. Beef Patty
  3. Mango and Lime
  4. Scotch Bonnet
  5. Blue Mountain Coffee
  6. 9th Wave
  7. Jamaican Me Crazy
  8. Rude Gal
  9. Queen Jamaica

Jamaican' Made Me

Jamaican's Made Me

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