What Is My DJ Drop Box?

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My Dj Dropbox is access to all of my materials that I use as a Dj brought to you through Dropbox. Easily download mixes, blends, songs right to your phone. Host parties, events, and more when you unlock the box. It's like having your own personal DJ whenever you need it for whatever situation you come across. Too much music? Let me DJ for you! Unbox the fun today!
My DJ Box

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DJ Mixes & Blends
  • Updated & Curated Weekly
  • Over 40 Hours of Music & More
  • Hear More Songs In Less Time Commercial Free
  • Transitions, Blends & Mixes of all Genres
  • Kickbacks, Workouts, Riding Music, Busy Work & More

Want Your Own Custom-Tailored Mix?

  • 30 mins. to 1hr. mix (20 to 40 Songs) (1 to 2 days) - $20
  • 1 hr. to 1hr. 30mins (40 to 80 Songs) (2 days) - $30
  • 2hr. mix (80 to 120 Songs) (3 days) - $45

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